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Online courses with on-demand video and live Zoom meetings in different time zones:

Introduction to GAM and GAMM. January 2023.

Introduction to Linear Mixed Effects Models and GLMM. February 2023.

Data Exploration, Regression, GLM & GAM with an introduction to R. May 2023.



From May 2023 onward, we will start with on-site courses again. If you would like to organise an on-site course in Europe, please contact us.

Free live video streaming




Nowadays, there are so many statistical techniques available. It can be a daunting task to decide which method to apply to your own data. In our experience, there are two steps involved in this process.

  1. Find a statistical tool that is potentially useful for your data analysis.
  2. Apply this method to your own data.

Step 2 requires detailed knowledge of the method. You can get this by reading a book, attending a course, searching the internet, reading help files, etc. This can be a painful and slow process, but at least you are progressing and learning. That is provided you have selected the correct approach in step 1! How do you know that you have selected the correct approach? This is where you speak to a statistician or a colleague. They will advise you to look at a specific statistical method, book, or paper. But not everyone has access to a good statistician or knowledgeable colleague.

Would it not be nice to watch an entertaining, short, non-technical, live video stream in which two experts (Dr. Alain F. Zuur and Dr. Elena N. Ieno) discuss the general concepts of a specific statistical technique? Knowing that a specific statistical technique exists, learning the general concepts, and seeing an example of how it is applied may save you a lot of time in step 1.

Once in a while, we will run a free live video stream in which we discuss the general concepts of a specific statistical method. During the stream, you can interact via a chatbox. Note that no R code or data sets are provided as we only want to focus on the general concepts of a statistical method.


If you think that a specific statistical method is useful for your own data analyses, then it is perhaps time for step 2. We provide a large number of online statistics courses that will help you with step 2.