We are in the process of converting some of our courses into online courses (using Adobe Connect). The problem with online courses is that they can be organised in many different formats.

On one end of the scale is the 'in-house' course. We schedule an online meeting and run an in-house course for a small number of participants (who are all in the same conference room). In such a format we share our screen and give a presentation or discuss an exercise for a certain number of hours (depending on the time zone). During the exercise, participants can also share their screen with us in case they have questions. This process is then repeated a couple of times. This course format is handy for an institute that is within a 6-hour time zone of the UK.

On the other end of the scale is the ‘your-own-pace’ course. We give you access to a large series of video files with presentations and exercise solutions, and you can work through the material in your own pace (e.g. with some feedback via chatboxes).

Given the endless options and the large number of courses that we have, it would help us a lot of you can give some feedback.