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Beginner's Guide to Spatial, Temporal and Spatial-Temporal Ecological Data Analysis with R-INLA. Volume I: Using GM and GLMM (2017).
Zuur, Ieno, Saveliev. ISBN: 9780957174191
Beginner's Guide to Spatial, Temporal and Spatial-Temporal Ecological Data Analysis with R-INLA. Volume II: GAM and Zero-Inflated Models (2018).
Zuur, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174146
Beginner's Guide to Zero-Inflated Models (2016)
Zuur, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174184
Beginner's Guide to Data Exploration and Visualization with R (2015)
Zuur, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174177
Beginner's Guide to Generalized Additive Mixed Models with R (2014)
Zuur, Saveliev, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174153
Beginner's Guide to Generalized Additive Mixed Models with R (2014)
Zuur, Saveliev, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174160

The hardcover is discontinued. Please order the paperback.

Beginner's Guide to GLM and GLMM with R (2013)
Zuur, Hilbe, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174139
Beginner's Guide to GAM (2012)
Zuur. ISBN: 780957174122
Zero inflated Models and Generalized Linear Mixed Models with R (2012)
Zuur, Saveliev, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174108
Zero inflated Models and Generalized Linear Mixed Models with R (2012)
Zuur, Saveliev, Ieno. ISBN: 9780957174115

The hardcover is discontinued. Please order the paperback.


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Information on E-books

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