Can you tailor a course?

Yes of course.

In 2017 Wageningen Marine Research in The Netherlands asked us to run an R-INLA workshop for 12 invited scientists from 5 countries. We showed them how to analyse their bird data (Guillemots) sampled around windfarms and provided R code. The techniques we discussed were zero-inflated Poisson and Poisson GLMs with spatial-temporal correlation using R-INLA. The participants then analysed their own windfarm data under our guidance. A second workshop is currently being organised.


In October 2009 we ran a course for 14 forensic entomologists at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Frankfurt, Germany. CSI viewers will know that these folks have quite interesting data sets; but rather different to what you will find in general statistical textbooks. The course organizer gave us a couple of data sets which we used as exercise data during the course. Forensic entomology is a scientific field in which you definitely don't want to become part of your own data!